Desert Flower Center Berlin

Desert Flower Center Berlin


Help for Victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

October 14, 2020

Every 11 seconds a girl is mutilated by the ritual cutting of the female genitals. According to the WHO, more than 200 million girls and women are affected worldwide. Though no religious beliefs prescribe the practice, practitioners often are convinced that it has religious support. Even in Europe, there are mutilated women who suffer from the consequences of FGM. 
In cooperation with the Adventist Hospital Waldfriede, the world's first holistic care center for victims of female genital mutilation was opened in Berlin in 2013. Since then, about 200 women have been treated surgically and many more have taken advantage of the offered consultation hours. 
The goal of the center is to offer holistic medical care to victims of female genital mutilation. This includes not only operations and reconstructive surgery, but also psychological and physiotherapeutic help. The monthly meeting in the self-help group offers the women a safe and protected framework in which exchange is possible, questions are asked and individual help is offered.
During a training course for doctors and midwives at the end of September, I had the opportunity to gain an insight into this valuable work.
It made me sad as well as angry to see the pain and misery these women have endured throughout their lives and how once more innocent girls and women who are made targets of violence. I was impressed by the way the DFC staff is committed to helping these women and enabling them to lead a dignified life again. 
The feedback from the women was interesting and touching. One woman wrote: .... Now I have the part of my body back that was taken away from me.... The biggest wish of the women is the restoration of their physical integrity. 
As a worldwide church, we are called upon to take up the fight against FGM and not to tolerate this appalling practice anywhere.
Link to the homepage of the DFC https://www.dfc-waldfriede.de
Reported by Dagmar Dorn, EUD WM Director

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