Women's Ministries in the Italian Union

Women's Ministries in the Italian Union

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August 26, 2020

Women’s Ministries began in 1996-97 in  the Italian Union. Franca Zucca was the first and only director until her retirement when Lina  Ferrara Caratelli was appointed as the national coordinator. The first few years were focused on the spiritual nourishment  of our sisters.  Spiritual retreats and congresses were organized  at national and district levels. Later they focused on training and promoted the Leadership Certification courses. About 35 women completed the certification. These programs were made possible through the collaboration of international and national guests and experts. Another important topic was the Enditnow campaign. Information material on violence against women was prepared and shared with our church members, etc. The department is fortunate to have three consecrated women who have been active in leadeing Women’s Ministries for years  in the fields  to which they belong:  Abigaela, Santa and Katia (northern, southern Italy and Sicily).
The department has faced many challenges at the beginning and the challenges still continue but we count on the help of our Lord.

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