Austrian Union Women's Ministries

Austrian Union Women's Ministries

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August 10, 2020

Austrian Union Women’s Ministries

Women’s Ministries began in Austria in 1997 when Gerd-Laila Walter was appointed to start the work with women. Under her leadership during 21 years Women’s Ministries developed and became a full independent department in 2002. In the development of the  co-operation of the German-speaking regions in providing leadership certification training and in organizing joint congresses as well as providing printed resources the Austrian Union was a vital element. Unfortunately, when Gerd-Laila reached her well-earned retirement age, the Union leadership decided to cut funding for the position, asking for volunteer-based leadership. The search for a successor took 6 months until the Union finally appointed  a new leader, Jeanine Rollgaiser, with minimal pay. We hope that the good work can still continue to be a blessing to all women in Austria.

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