New Resource for Young People on Mental Health

New Resource for Young People on Mental Health

People with Mental Health Problems need Help

July 31, 2020

Just as Princes William and Harry have admitted, that they had to seek help for their problems with mental health, more people are admitting that they need help, too. It is not something to be ashamed of. The problem is that many people are afraid to seek professional help. Maybe this

this new resource for late teens/young adults from the North American Division Youth Department can be a first step in the right direction. Recently a psychiatrist, writer and a pastor got together to write a series on mental health. Topics include: Depression, Anxiety, Suicide/harm, Getting Help, Recovery Tools, Brain Training, and Staying Healthy. We believe this to be a much need resource for our young people. Please feel free to share this resource with your youth. Best of all, this resource is free!
Here is the link to the resources: https://adventistyouthministries.org/resources/mental-health/mental-health-articles
Mental Health for Young People: women.eud.adventist.org/en/resources/

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