Giving Hope Part 3

Giving Hope Part 3


July 21, 2020

We are delighted to share some more creative missionary ideas that have been developed by women in the Baden-Württemberg Conference in Germany. We hope they may be an inspiration to you as well.

Women's Breakfast 2.0
Because women's breakfast meetings are currently no longer possible in the usual way due to the Corona regulations, the sisters from Schramberg missed the contact with each other and also with the guests who came regularly to the meetings, they decided to try out new possibilities of meeting. One of the  church members who has a wonderful garden, invited without further ado all known ladies (within the legally allowed number of persons, in keeping with the social distancing and hygiene regulations) to a brunch. Together they ate, laughed and talked. But the spiritual part was not left out. It is exciting that "with Corona" so many  things have moved into our private homes. How beautiful and blessed it is when we open our doors and hearts much more often in order to bless others and also use our homes as a spiritual meeting places!

Blessings for Women
Because a young woman  considers the sisters of her congregation and the women in her environment to be incredibly important, she decided at the beginning of April to send an encouraging newsletter regularly by email. She called these messages "From Woman to Woman",  and they are real letters of blessing. Week after week she sends encouraging words.  How wonderful it is when we also show interest in others when we are not able to meet in person.

No one is forgotten
Some time ago, a women's group in Baden-Württemberg started a now very successful regular women's breakfast meeting in the church facilities. Again and again they welcomed different guests, among others from other denominations. Because of Corona, such meetings were not possible for a long time. In order to avoid losing touch with the women and to encourage them in these challenging times, the women began to make beautiful envelopes (e.g. from high-quality wallpaper, beautiful calendar photos etc.) and to fill them with content: teas, sweets and hand-written personal cards. Contacting guests in this way even during restrictive times  will ensure that  we are not forgotten. Thus all are already looking forward to a new start of the women's breakfast meetings together as soon it is permissible

Friends and neighbours of the church in Waiblingen can in future help themselves to literature and other small treasures  (hand-painted hope stones, Take Jesus cards etc) in a bookcase in front of the church building free of charge. This has involved a lot of love from the church members for their fellow human beings. They want to pass on the message of God’s redemptive message to all who have not yet been reached with this vision, using as many means as possible.

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