Noah’s Daughters in Lockdown

Noah’s Daughters in Lockdown

Girls4Christ Zoom Meeting in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

July 20, 2020

In the spring of 2020 all planned Girls4Christ meetings were cancelled because of  the Corona crisis. Due to this, and in order to not lose the contact with our precious young girls, the organization team decided to hold a Zoom meeting. On a Sunday morning in April we met at 11 o'clock at our computers to spend 2 pleasant hours together. After an extensive discussion round, in which we talked about what was worst for us during the Corona Lockdown and what advantages Corona brought us, a fun bingo game followed. After a prayer, a devotional topic  about "Noah`s daughters" followed. We immersed ourselves in the time before and during the lockdown of the inhabitants of the ark and wondered why Noah's wife and daughters-in-law had not managed to get a single person from outside their closest family to enter into the rescuing boat in spite of the long years of construction. We wondered if we ourselves would be willing to spend an eternity without our dear "worldly" friends or what we could do to tell them about Jesus and the saving message. Many exciting and contemporary missionary ideas were exchanged. We are happy that we were able to motivate our young girls to take the chance to tell people who are confused about everything that happens in the world about Jesus and his saving message, especially in this challenging time. After a concluding prayer of blessing, we parted with our young friends in the hope of finally organizing and experiencing a local meeting with "real encounters" in September.
Reported by Jasmin Stanoschefsky, Women’s Ministries leader, Baden-Württemberg Conference, Germany

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