International Children's Day

International  Children's Day

Photo: WM Romania

Many Blessings with special needs Children in the Muntenia Conference

June 26, 2020

June 1 is International Children’s day. With the Bible verse  ”Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him” (John 9,3) on her mind Elena Popa took some gifts and packages and went to see children with  disabilities on this special day. On her way, she was thinking  about how much God loves her and she how thanks Him every day for the three gifts that He has given her: three sons, all healthy and with no problems.
In 2018, Elena came in contact for the first time with ”ASCHF-R Association” from Ploiesti, which  hosts about 230 children of different ages with special needs, children with disabilities, twice a week. Ever since that time she has never missed an opportunity to visit them on different special occasions.
This was one of those days. Together with some other women and the pastor, they shared God’s message of love.  The creative and social activities were a real blessing not only for the children, but for all!
Elena comes back there whenever she has the possibility to motivate them, to give them courage in spite of their problems, telling them that they are  very much loved by God. These children are so sincere and warm-hearted and full of hope, love and many hugs. Theirs is a sincerity that is warmer than any picture could catch. May God abundantly bless these children with special needs!
Reported  by Elena Popa, WM coordinator, Ploiesti Maranatha Church, Romania

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