Cooperation with the city administration in Ploiesti, Romania

Cooperation with the city administration in Ploiesti, Romania

Photos: WM Romania

Volunteers bring products of necessity to the needy

June 26, 2020

A group of volunteers from the Ploiesti Maranatha church, Romania, responded to the call from the City Hall of Ploiesti, to support a relief action for people in need. They bought products of strict necessity for people who requested the service by phone. God guided their steps to lonely, sad persons, who were frightened  that they could be cheated or left alone in their suffering.
As the first calls were responsibly taken care of by these volunteers, the city administration called them back  in the next weeks, saying that they wanted to continue to work together with this group whom they could trust.
When delivering the goods the volunteers did not identify themselves as a group from a church but only as “the  people from the City Hall”. They told them to give them a call whenever they needed help.
During  this time of working together, they discovered people at the outskirts who had a hard time, children without a stable future, people without identification papers, women without hope - people in situations they could not imagine. They would leave them with a promise from Psalm 33:24 „Stay stong!”
The volunteers hope to be able to invite these people to church as soon as churches reopen so that they can get to know each other better. Thus they want to answer the question they were often asked: „Why are you smiling and full of hope  in a world full of troubles?” May God bless all who need help and those who help.
Reported by Elena Popa, WM coordinator, Ploiesti Maranatha Church, Muntenia Conference, Romania

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