How do we Share our Faith?

How do we Share our Faith?

Photo: WM CH

Impulse Day in Zurich, Switzerland

June 24, 2020

Thanks to the recent loosening up that has taken place, we were able to have our Women's Impulse Day on Sunday, June 14, in Zurich at Wolfwinkel. We dealt with our dreams / goals. How do I, as a woman, share God's word among other women? After all, we all have the mission share the gospel. It was uplifting and encouraging to share and strengthen each other. We experienced what each one of us is doing and dealt with what God lays on our hearts, what he urges us to do. It was so enriching that we would like to invite all woman who actively share their faith  to join us next time, because we want to strengthen each other and let God's rich blessings fill us.
Reported by Dagmar Latuski, Women’s Ministries Director, Swiss-German Conference

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