Encouragement from Leadership via Zoom

Encouragement from Leadership via Zoom

Raquel Arrais addresses Women in Germany on June 19, 2020

June 24, 2020

About 50 women and some men followed the invitation of the Women's Ministries Department, to meet in their homes to see each other on the screen via small images. But what was the reason for the invitation?  At the end of a busy week with all its joyful experiences and challenges, we met with Raquel Arrais, Assistant Director of the Women's Ministries Department at the General Conference. In her enthusiastic way she spoke about women who are mentioned by name in the Gospels. In Luke 8:1-3 we read about Mary Magdalene, from whom Jesus cast out seven demons, Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod's steward, and Susanna. Many other women, who are not mentioned by name, also supported Jesus and the disciples with what they had. These women accompanied Jesus until he was sentenced to death  and even up to the cross. After the resurrection they are also mentioned by name. All four gospels speak about these women. At that time, women were "invisible", but not to Jesus, they were appreciated by him. But now they experienced a time of "lockdown". The Holy Spirit did not differentiate between men and women, are or class. At the outpouring of the Holy Spirit ALL were filled with the Spirit. Thus they went from an old identity to a new identity. A new life, a new mission began.
Raquel led our thoughts to the present time. We are currently experiencing a lockdown in our daily life, as in church life. We ourselves can decide what this lockdown will do to us. Are we ready for what is coming (Isaiah 43:18+19)? God wants something new for our life, do we accept it? Will we come out of this time as changed women, with a new heart, a new identity?  Let us allow new thoughts and open our hearts. God says: I am doing something new, give me your heart! And Jesus promises, "I am with you always." (Matthew 28:20b)
Raquel Arrais' presentation can be seen and heard here in full length on this link:  https://cloud.eud.adventist.org/index.php/s/RgiAZtir8xDwmoJ

Reported by Angelika Pfaller, Women’s Ministries Director, German Unions

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