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May 29, 2020

Hope Flowers  (Bad Wildbad)
Hannelore Wengert and two of her friends had a great idea. Hannelore is well known fopr her initiatives for senior citizens  and did not want to let the Corona crisis pass without continuing to work with love for the elderly people in her environment. So the three friends visited about 30 senior citizens, naturally with the necessary safety distance in the stairwell, outside windows or in front of the balcony. They sang songs to the seniors and gave a flower arrangement to each.  What a blessing when we find creative ways to express our passion to help in spite of Corona!

Hope Stones (Waiblingen)   
On her last holiday in Greece, Hanna from Waiblingen left behind a stone on which she had written "Jesus loves you". Who knows who found it? Even during the Corona crisis, she uses her artistic talent and even follows a current trend all over social media. She lovingly writes encouraging little messages on stones. These can be given to friends as a gift or be left on officially marked paths. Who knows which person crosses the path of these stones? According to the Bible even the stones "speak" of God's power and His greatness. 

  Masks for Helpers (Schorndorf )
Helga K. diligently sewed masks for the staff at her daughter's nursing home. How nice that some people do not just "just" stand on the balcony to applaud the carers, but that they, like Helga and many other women in the Baden-Württemberg Conference who have carried out similar projects in the last few weeks, are very actively involved in ensuring that those who work for others every day and perhaps even risk their lives receive a really helpful and blessed gift. Helga is an example for many who do not use their hobby only for themselves and for their own purposes, but put it to the service of our heavenly Father and thus become a huge blessing for others.

 Zoom- Bible- Kids Course (Baden- Baden)
In order that the children of the congregation, who already have to do without children's Sabbath school and Bible studies, do not suffer any spiritual disadvantage during the Corona social distancing time, the church pastor decided to start an online Bible course for kids on Daniel. How grateful these children can be - and their parents too - that the pastor does not want to lose contact with the "little ones" during Corona, but instead seeks contact and even helps them understand prophecy!

New Fashion Label (Filderstadt)
 If you feel like telling about your faith through your clothes and at the same time do something good, you should definitely check out "Shirts with Message"!  During the Corona crisis, Mona and Lothar launched the young fashion label from Baden- Württemberg. They sell their diverse Christian designs on www.shirts-withmessage.de (shirts, hoodies etc. in ladies, men and even children's sizes) at decent prices. 10% of the proceeds will go to ADRA.  How nice that we can be witnesses of our hope even through our clothes - God knows many ways we can use for mission. 

 Children's Hearts Understand (Burgstetten)
 Marina and Anna, both studied social education and are mothers of 3 and 2 children respectively, have founded "Kinderherzen_verstehen" (https://www.instagram.com/kinderherzen_verstehen/), a wonderful channel on Instagram that every mother (and father!) should know! Over and over again they amaze us with their deep, genuine, loving truths about a peaceful family life and how to understand and accompany your child even better. Inspired by God's unconditional love, they accompany parents with the regular publication of educational impulses geared toward bonding. Especially during the Corona crisis, which presents many families with great challenges, they address topics such as parental anger, prevention against stress, love and respect, as well as an incredible number of other content and outwardly appealing topics for parents on their channel, which touch hearts and encourage them to draw their child even closer to their own heart - despite sometimes difficult circumstances and situations.

I hope that there was also something inspiring for you personally in this newsletter.
Stay safe and secure in God! Sincerely, your Jasmin Stanoschefsky
Women’s Ministries Director, Baden-Württemberg Conference, Germany

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