Giving hope

Giving hope

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Creative Missionary Ideas from Women during the Corona Crisis

May 27, 2020

This is a report from the Women’s Ministries leader in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, about what girls and women are doing to give hope to others.
In order to encourage her neighbors during the Corona contact ban, a young girl designed a "Hope to Go" poster that she wanted to put up in her neighborhood. This idea gave rise to the "Hope2go" project - namely, the idea of encouraging, giving joy to and encouraging others in many ways at a time when personal contact was forbidden.
In the meantime, reports have come in from many churches that we would like to present here as an inspiration for others.
Never have people been more open to the truth than now. So many uncertainties, fears and questions. It is precisely in such a situation that we, who know Jesus and his good plan for every person, may show others where we find joy, peace and security in stormy and confusing times. We can all let our light shine even more clearly now than before.
May the ideas presented here inspire you to start your own project of hope in your surroundings.

Women from the Heidelberg congregation hung up a string several meters long directly in front of the Adventist church. They attached self-designed Bible cards to it, inviting passers-by to help themselves to a card. In addition to the Bible cards and other encouraging texts, Glow flyers and Girls4Christ cards were  also hung on this "Rope of Encouragement". What a good idea for a church to bring joy to their immediate neighbours!

In order to keep her children busy during the time of the contact ban and to bring a little joy to her discouraged, frustrated and frightened neighbours, a mother from the Baden-Baden congregation packed missionary surprise bags for all neighbours in their residential area. These contained, for example, a relaxing tea, a small candy and an encouraging Bible verse. Full of joy, her daughters then distributed  the bags and learned: Mission can be such fun and not at all embarrassing!


A young girl wanted to reach her neighborhood with encouraging words and started to paint a poster with the motto "Hope to go". Here you could take Bible verses on tear-off notes. Meanwhile, the digitalized version hangs in many places (of course only where permission was obtained before hanging it up): at bus stops, train stations, fences, bakers, etc. Never before has it been so easy to give hope.


For many weeks the pastor's wife of the Adventist Church in Baden-Baden has been conducting a weekly cooking course for children on Zoom. They have been busy cookind and baking. Several times guests have joined in. How wonderful when someone uses her hobby to give others such great pleasure!

 Heidrun B. enjoyed being active as what she calls „a sewing missionary.“  After a short survey among church members  and her neighbours, 45 orders for masks came together, which she sewed and gave away at no cost. What a great blessing when sisters are active for the people around them! 

On Instagram, she is known as Laura_Jana_V- the young Adventist from the church in Schopfheim. She has been regularly posting wonderful and aesthetic missionary inputs for her followers on the Internet.  In this way she encourages people to follow and trust Jesus as their anchor and touches them again and again with the love and devotion of Jesus.  Among other things you can now download a PDF for Bible study, which Laura Jana designed herself. God bless you in your study of God's precious and life-giving Word!

May the example of these women and girls encourage you to use your own gifts to actively contribute to the people around you. It doesn't take much: maybe "only" a hobby of yours and your willingness to invest some time or a little  money. Even in spite of social distancing we can get close to other people’s hearts and maybe inspire them for a life with Jesus. Who knows what we will reap one day. But one thing we are allowed to do, even during this time of restrictions: be disciples, sow seeds - by telling others about the love of God in many different ways.  God bless you!
Jasmin Stanoschefsky, Women’s Ministries Leader, Baden-Württemberg Conference

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