Women’s Ministries in Corona Times

Women’s Ministries in Corona Times

Prayer unites

April 30, 2020

The countries of our division have been in a state of emergency for over six weeks now. "Corona" has thwarted all our plans, all events had to be cancelled and our church life has taken a completely new turn. Many are getting creative and coming up with new ideas.
We are thankful  
for how women in our countries master these times and do not let themselves be stopped by the external, adverse circumstances. They tackle problems where necessary and look for ways to have contact with with each other, within the churches, but above all also outside. We all have the desire to tell others about the hope and comfort we have in Jesus Christ. Many of us are busy helping out in the neighbourhood, sewing masks, meeting virtually for Bible study, conversation, readings etc.
Our Monday prayer time every week is also a refueling station. 
As Women’s Ministries leaders, we meet via Zoom to pray together for our various concerns. At the same time women also meet at this time for prayer via telephone, skype etc. in many countries. Hear what some of our Women’s Ministries directors have expressed about the prayer initiative:

Lili, WM director Romania: Mondays with prayer time are very special to me. I feel so privileged to pray with other women from other countries. It's amazing how different people, from different counties are united by prayer. The time that is provided here is one that helps me to pour my fears, my concerns, and I find hope in exchanging experiences and sharing our problems. Friendship, comfort and support are things that I found here. The way that this hour is structured and the possibility to pray in your mother tongue (when we cannot express ourselves so well in English), the subjects, and the promises of God presented here make from this time of prayer something that I cherish the most in my heart and can hardly wait to meet again next time. May God bless you!

Dagmar L., WM Director Switzerland:
The weekly prayer meetings via zoom have become a time of encouragement for me. Being able to carry each other in prayer has become a strengthening and a privilege beyond national borders in spite of Corona!

For the Division Women’s Ministries Director Zoom meetings are currently replacing travel to countries in order to stay in touch with the leaders in the various Unions. Sharing with the leaders, encouragement and prayer are in the foreground and are highly appreciated.
Reported by Dagmar Dorn, EUD Women's Ministries Director

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