Weekend Evangelistic Meetings at Roznov, Moldova Conference, Romania

Weekend Evangelistic Meetings at Roznov, Moldova Conference, Romania

Photo: WM Romania

Steps to Healing

April 29, 2020

At the end of February, a team comprised of my husband, my daughter, my son-in-law and me organized a weekend evangelistic meeting, Steps to Healing, in a church that was under construction, in a little town called Roznov.
In the first part we presented a health seminar, then the warm spiritual message contained the story of the healing of a blind man by Jesus. The introductions and appeals were emphasized with vocal and instrumental musical play.

The local people responded to our invitations and their presence continued to grow until  
the last evening, when were there more non-Adventist people in attendance than our Adventist members.
On one evening, the team of Podis Health Center came to take blood pressure measurement as well as doing ECG, IMB, glycemia and osteoporosis tests.
The guests asked a lot of questions, told of their experiences, asked for prayer, and they received books and different prizes. We enjoyed together those wonderful evenings, when we realized how wonderful it is to live a life of passing on and offering the love message of our Savior.
Reported by Alina Lupu, director of WM Department, Moldova Conference, Romania    

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