Balm for the Soul of a Woman

Balm for the Soul of a Woman

Photo: WM Romania

Moldova Conference, Romania

April 29, 2020

Starting from the desire to help the women of the Pătrăuți locality, Women’s Ministries Department of the SDA Pătrăuți Church, Suceava District, organized the 3rd edition of the project “Balm for the Soul of a Woman” on March 5, 202,. This year’s program included a debate theme called: “What do I have to know about cancer?” If we do not recognize the symptoms or ignore them, treating them as if they were “nothing serious,” we delay the treatment that could save our lives.
After a short Bible devotional presented by Gabriela Istrate, in which she spoke about the faith of the Canaanite woman with the result that her daughter was 
healed, the special guest for this occasion, Dr. Roxana Chiritoiu, medical oncology specialist from Bucharest, talked with very clear words for all the women about cancer, insisting on the symptomatology and prevention. During this program, there was a Q/A session, and in the end of the program the doctor offered some consultations, too.
If the last editions were organized inside the Adventist Church, this year the Adventist Church had as a partner the local city mayor, who greatly appreciated this project and made available for the meeting the Hall of the Cultural Center.

The Mayor of P
ătrăuti, Mr.Adrian Isepciuc, participated at the meeting and  he appreciated this initiative of the Adventist Church. He addressed a few words of appreciation to the women there, offering them in the end as a sign of appreciation a flower, wishing them happy birthday.
We were very glad because the women from this locality responded to our invitation and there were over 80 persons in attendance, 50 of them being non-Adventists. We spent a marvelous time there with quality instrumental music on the panpipe interpreted by Cosmin Coaj
ă. We praise God for this ocassion of witnessing His love!
Reported by Gabriela Istrate, Suceava District, coordinator of the program

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