Women Sew Masks for Hospital

Women Sew Masks for Hospital

Photos: WM Romania

Women in the Muntenia Conference, Romania, aid hospital

March 22, 2020

Cora works as a doctor at the District Hospital of Campina, in the Muntenia Conference. She saw the current need for masks in the hospital  and told her father about it. Her father, who is a pastor, had an idea and asked two ladies who are very active in Women’s Ministries in the church to help the nurses and doctors of that hospital. Violeta and Luminita, both very skilled at sewing, started making masks for them. They downloaded a pattern from the internet, bought some cotton material and sewed a first batch of 20 masks. The pastor took the masks to the hospital and they were very much appreciated. The masks could be sterilized, due to the fact they were made of cotton and they could also be reused a few times. In only two days the women made another 120 masks, which were given to the medical staff. And the work goes on. May God bless us all!
Reported by
Luminita Ionescu, WM Department director in Muntenia Conference, Romania

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