Step by Step with God

Step by Step with God

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Women’s Ministries Leaders fix goals and projects

March 22, 2020

At the beginning of the year 2020, the women of the Women’s Ministries Department of the North Transylvania Conference participated on February 1,  in  the Dej Church, at an Annual Convention called The Woman of Good News, with the motto: The Lord has done great things for us (Psalm 126,3). Fifty-seven women who are responsible for the WM groups in their churches came to this meeting in order to fix goals for the  year 2020 and to praise God together. The convention also had the purpose to help the sisters to be prepared for the missionary activities during the time preceding International Women’s Day from March 1 to 8, this period of time being dedicated to women in the whole country.The first part was presented by the director for the North Transylvania Conference, Petronela Bob. She spoke about the Women’s Ministries department and its important role, as a useful and efficient tool in evangelistic work. A lot of good music was presented by a group of young, consecrated and gifted people. There were different seminars.  A specialist in nutrition, Corina Pelin, spoke about the Health of the Brain, a psychologist, Simona Anca (the former Spain Union WM director), presented about Group Dynamics for Christian Women, and Lidia Poll (the former WM director of the Conference,) presented the Self-Esteem Seminar.The WM director of the Romanian Union, Liliana Radu encouraged and motivated the women to work for the glory of God in order that lots of precious souls will be saved.
The sisters from different churches shared their successful work methods, what works in their churches, exchanging experiences for their next activities. They had lunch together and spent a very nice time together. May God bless the women all over the world! Maranatha!
Reported by Petronela Bob, director of WM Department North Transylvania Conference


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