Level Plus Leadership Certification in Germany

Level Plus Leadership Certification in Germany

Photos: WM SDV

Intensive Training Session just before Corona Virus Lockdown

March 19, 2020

It was a special gift that a group of women was able to meet in the Ammerseehäusern in Riederau/Dießen from March 12 to 15, 2020 for the Leadership Certification seminar for women "LevelPlus". The Corona crisis has also taken hold of us as a church, we are also affected by it and have to cancel events and services. Just in time we were able to meet and also celebrate a blessed divine service together.
At LevelPlus some special topics are dealt with intensively. There were four main topics: 'Among friends' with Heidi Albisser, 'Giving testimony - but how?' with Gabriele Stangl, 'Visions and goals' with Brigitte Grohrock and 'Leading successfully' with Angelika Pfaller.
After a detailed introduction to the topic 'Among Friends - from Problem to Decision', the participants practiced this conversation form very intensively in groups of two, using personal examples. It was interesting to see how many a personal challenge or personal problem was solved. But most importantly, the intent was to help and accompany friends in solving their problems without offering a solution ourselves.
We have noticed again and again that some people in this day and age find it difficult to speak about their faith in our wonderful Jesus. How do we find unbiased personal words without overwhelming others? And that in a short and concise way? With stories and practical exercises Gabriele Stangl led the participants through this topic.
Do we have visions and goals? Do we implement projects realistically? How do we do that? 
Examples from the past included Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Through their courage and commitment, the living situation of the afro-american population gradually improved. Visions and goals, as well as their implementation, are especially important today.
Politics and economy today are shaped by women in leading positions. In the Bible we find women in the Old and New Testament who led, e.g. Deborah, Esther, Abigail, Lydia ... .From the beginning women have played a role in our church. First of all, Ellen G. White and her friend through corresponcence and first director of the women's department, Sarepta Myranda Irish Henry. Dr. Ella Simmons is currently the only vice president of the World Church leadership. The theme 'Leading Successfully' was developed to explore what it means to be 'called' to leadership service and how to lead successfully at all levels of our church. More than 60% of the members of our church are women, and this should be reflected in the governing bodies of our church, from the congregational level up to our worldwide church leadership.  

Between the seminar sessions, the spring weather could be enjoyed on walks along the Ammersee lake. Once again, the staff of the house scored with their friendliness and very good food. It was once again an a perfect long weekend. Many thanks to all who contributed and participated.
Angelika Pfaller, WM Director, South and North German Unions

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