The Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain

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More than 300 people pray together on a regular basis in South Transylvania Conference, Romania

February 02, 2020

In December 2013, we decided to form a prayer chain. We started with only a few people, but, step by step, more new people joined our group. Today we can enjoy a long chain of prayer formed by different religious confessions such as catholics, orthodox,  and protestants. It works through messages (MMS, Facebook, phones, emails, etc.), and on every Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. we pray together. A few hours before the prayer meeting I send an encouraging message, with the prayer subjects, together with a Psalm that fits the subjects. It is a special feeling, knowing that at 9 p.m. we are united by prayer in our homes or in the existing groups. In between time, more groups have been formed.
If it  sometimes happens that the messages are delayed a little bit, I am called immediately from different places by the people, in order to find out the reason why and because they are concerned not to interrupt this prayer chain. In this prayer chain almost 300 people pray together, and the chain is growing.
We praise God for the privilege to give thanks in prayers, for intercessory prayers for youth, for old, for marriage problems, for sick people and many other reasons. We praise God for the amazing experiences along the years. Each of us understands that the best gift we can give  
humanity and to our soul, is to pray for the people around us as much as we pray for ourselves!
Reported by Anna Nadasan, WM Director, South Transylvania Conference, Romania

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