Speak up for out-of-school Children

Speak up for out-of-school Children

Every Child Everywhere in School

November 11, 2019

No child should ever be denied an education. Not because of where they live. Not because their government is failing to provide adequate and free education. Not because their family is poor. Not because of conflict or displacement. Not because of their gender, ethnicity, or disability. Every child, everywhere, has the right to attend school and get an education. Unfortunately, 262 million children, adolescents, and youth are currently denied this right.
A child who is out of school is more vulnerable to human traffickers and recruitment by militias, and at increased risk of early marriage, teen pregnancy, and child labor. An uneducated adult lacks the ability to lift themselves out of poverty, and their children face barriers at every stage of life: an increased risk of dying in infancy, malnourishment which affects their mental and physical development, and the continued cycle of poverty, dooming another generation.

Without education, nothing changes. Disadvantage lingers.

Find out more about the project under https://inschool.adra.org/ and please sign the petition.

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