Training in Lombardy (Northern Italy)

Training in Lombardy (Northern Italy)

Photos: WM Italy

Abuse Prevention Seminar

November 05, 2018

Violence and abuse were the topics discussed during a two-day training session from October 27 to 28, 2018 in Lombardy. 26 women attended the meetings in the beautiful scenary in Lecco, near the lake of Como. Dr. Deborah Giamboresi, psychologist and student in theology, deepened the psychological point of view, while pastor Abigaela Trofin treated the spiritual aspects. The moments of sharing and prayers on specific problems related to abuse were very strong, but also encouraging, despite the tears and emotions. A special time was dedicated to the different types of spiritual or religious and domestic abuse that have very subtle forms. The purpose of this training was the reorientation of women to Jesus to live in a new dimension of the transformation of mind and body. At the end of the training, thanks to a new consciousness of the problem, the women chose to ask the pastors of their churches to deal with these problems and to lead men and boys to a life without violence . Reported by Abigaela Trofin

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