Enditnow Sabbath in Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Rome

Enditnow Sabbath in Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Rome

Photos: WM Italy

Bullying is an increasing problem

November 30, 2017

On November 25 the SDA church in Rome took the opportunity of the Orange Day to present the topics of  enditnow 2017. Sabbath morning Franca Zucca, WM director at the Italian Union, and Manuela Mori, WM vice-director at the local church, presented the sermon “Love protects” – healing the wounds of emotional abuse in children. Our pathfinders were involved singing  a song with really meaningful words: “With the words you can give a name to what you have in your heart”. In the afternoon, the theme of bullying was tackled. After projecting some slides on statistics pointing to an exponential increase of the phenomenon in Italy and other parts of the world, we watched a short section drawn from a movie about bullying. All present, adults and children, then formed working groups to discuss why we need to talk about this subject, where-when-how bullying manifests itself, the solutions at home, in the church, at school, in the neighborhood. The groups worked very well and proposed ideas and solutions that we will follow. It was important to see children and adults taking this terrible problem seriously. We feel that we need to continue to address this issue.
Reported by Franca Zucca, Director of Women’s Ministries in the Italian Union

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