On Rest and Relaxation

On Rest and Relaxation

Photo: WM Czech conference

A short look at the Women's Ministries Sabbath in Prag, Czech Republic

June 17, 2016

On the 11th June more than 80 women from all over the Czech Conference of SDA Church had the opportunity to spend precious moments of fellowship and worship. The topic – as well as the goal - of the Sabbath was simply „Rest“.
The morning sermon, focusing on the spiritual rest, led the sisters by the words of psalms to the „green pastures and flowing waters of the Spirit“ and was both a food for thought, a mirror, and an offer of hope and inspiration.
The day went on to a lecture given by one of the sisters on how to „let your soul rest“ and how to protect it from an everpresent stress of our hectic time.
Our moments together were concluded by workshops in which the ladies had the chance to try jewish gesture/dance prayers, movement relaxation, art therapy and scrapbooking.
The Sabbath was filled with blessing, joy, friendly companionship, sharing and opportunities to forget the everyday worries and pressures. We were able not only to refill our dwindling powers but to fully realize how vital it is to repeat this process more often – and we were given some pointers on how to do exactly that in our lives.
Reported by Czech Conference WM

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