Photo: C. Warning NIB

Girls4Christ offer Workshop at Pathfinder Camp in Germany

June 10, 2016

Finally it was time for the first Girls4Christ action in the Lower Saxony Bremen Conference. At the annual Pathfinder Camp in Vethem at the beginning of May 2016, the boys and girls met under the main theme “Joseph – Life in the Orient”. This was my chance to make contact with the girls. What do the women in the orient do except prepare food, do the laundry and clean the house? They prepare their own cosmetics, even today. And so we experimented with oil, beeswax, rose and lemon fragrances. Ingeniously and successfully we prepared our own basic cosmetics! The team members and the girls were excited and motivated to try further experiments and enjoyed the afternoon. The boys who had a look would have liked to participate in the workshop. They said: boys need creams, too! The afternoon was over far too soon but it will certainly be remembered.
According to a report by Cornelia Warning

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