Leadership Seminar in Germany

Leadership Seminar  in Germany

Foto: Hannele Ottschofski

Level 1

March 21, 2016

A large group of women, 46 in all, from Germany, Switzerland and even Italy gathered for a Leadership Training Seminar in Dießen,  Ammersee. For many it was their first contact with these seminars. Others completed the three levels with this event. The topics were presented by Heidi Albisser, Hannele Ottschofski, Angelika Pfaller and Gerd-Laila Walter, the Women's Ministries Leadership Team in the German-speaking countries. At the end all participants received their certificates and gathered in a circle for a prayer of blessing. One woman expressed her gratitude for the valuable instruction and warm atnosphere with the words: "The harmonious atmosphere was like a foretaste of the earth made new. Now I have to digest all my experiences and new insights."  These courses are a blessing for all - participants as well as presenters - and we want to thank God for blessing this work.

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