Barbara Witzig commissioned as a minister

Barbara Witzig commissioned as a minister

Photo: Gunther Klenk

Swiss-German Conference

March 06, 2016

At the annual Conference Meeting of the Swiss-German Conference on March 5, 2016, the work of four young pastors was endorsed by ordination or commissioning. "The laying on of hands does not impart any special powers or competence," says Günther Maurer, President of the Swiss-German Conference. "It is a recognized form of endorsement and authorization in the function of pastor.

Although we regret that men and women are not treated equally, we rejoice that once again a young woman has followed her calling and dedicates her life to the ministry. Barbara Witzig was commissioned as a minister for the area of the Swiss Union with the same competences as her male colleagues. Considering that a majority of  church members are women, the church needs more women in pastoral ministry. We hope that in future more women will follow Barbara's example and study for the ministry. May God bless them all.

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