WM Leadership Team organized in the Italian part of Switzerland

WM Leadership Team organized in the Italian part of Switzerland

Training Session for WM in Ticino on January 10, 2016

January 11, 2016

On January 10, 2016, a group of 13 women and 3 pastors gathered for a WM training session. The pastors are very supportive of WM initiatives. . The new pastor for Lugano and Locarno, Matthias Maag, is convinced that women are the motor of the church. David Jennah, Swiss Union President, announced that it is now official that there will be a first WM congress for the Italian part of Switzerland next year. We are thankful that networking in WM works very well and that WM of the Italian Union will goin in this event.
David Jennah also presented a very constructive devotional based on 1Kings 19:3-12 and spoke about the various aspects of helping our neighbors. Lucio Altin in his talk presented the nine phases of conflicts and how to deal with and avoid them. Bernadette Fogliani presented the concept of Girls4Christ, which was met with enthusiasm. The WM team is considering how to implement this and reach out to teenage girls withing the church and their friends.
On this occasion the women organized an official WM team for the Tessin Canton, consisting of the WM leaders of the three main churches in the region:
Marzia Ravani, Locarno
Martha Santana, Gravesano (near Lugano)
Bernadette Fogliani, Lugano-Massagno.
Lucio Altin will continue as coach and trainer of the team.
The team is looking forward to intensive activity in organization and planning projects as well as organizing the WM congress 2017. The Lord has blessed and guided so far and it is with gratitude to God's leading that the team is ready to be used to be a tool in the Lord's hands.
According to a report by Bernadette Fogliani

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