People 7.0 - forward together

Joint Congress for Women’s, Children’s and Family Ministries 2019

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The next Women’s Ministries Congress of the EUD will take place from September 18 to 22, 2019, in Ligniano Sabbadioro, Italy. It will be a joint convention by Women’s Ministries, Children’s Ministries and Family Ministries. The location is in Lignano Sabbiadoro http://bellaitaliavillage.com/


The congress will be called ‘people 7.0 – forward together’

Save the Date: September 18-22, 2019
Next year there will be another EUD congress. This time it is a joint venture with the Children’s, Family and Women’s Ministries departments. As women we are involved in all these areas.
This congress under the Motto “people 7.0 – forward together” will inspire, equip and empower you to reach in and out. There will be workshops on vital topics, different kinds of inputs, powerful life stories and presentations by very interesting and powerful speakers from around the world. It will be another great opportunity to enrich your spiritual life, make new friends and learn how to share the good news with your friends and neighbours. You will be touched but also energized.
The Location is in Lignano Sabbiadoro/Italy, only one hour east of Venice.  The Place is a Sports village with its own beach, surrounded with a pine forest that gives you really a holiday feeling. There is plenty of space to host such an event. It is also a great place for families. All rooms are handicapped accessible and have attached bathrooms. The weather at this time of the year is still warm and pleasant.
Start saving now! Plan to attend this international event, you won’t regret it.
A special website for registering is being created where you will find more information.

Entrance to the sports and family village:

Congress Information

The official web site for the Interministries summit is:



More information will be coming soon!
Date: September 18-20, 2019
Location: Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
A joint convention by Women’s Ministries, Children’s Ministries and Family Ministries.

You will be touched but also energized

There will be workshops on relevant topics, different kinds of inputs, life stories and presentations by very interesting and powerful speakers from around the world. It will be another great opportunity to enrich your spiritual life, make new friends and learn how to share the good news with your friends and neighbours.

One of the houses providing accommodation

An example of the rooms available

A dining room

The private beach

Recreation areas in the pine forest


The accommodation options are several in order to fit the different needs of the participants. All rooms have a private bathroom. Several rooms are wheelchair accessible and the whole compound is a handicapped accessible site.

Registration includes: Accommodation, three meals a day, congress fees.

Fees per person:

Early-Bird available until April 30, 2019
Single room 325.- €
Double room (per person) 265.- €
Triple room (per person) 249.- €
Four beds (per person) 233.- €
Only Registration and meals 130.- €
Only Registration 50.- €

Registration after May 1, 2019:
Single room 375.- €
Double room (per person) 310.- €
Triple room (per person) 290.- €
Four beds (per person) 260.- €
Only Registration and meals 130.- €
Only Registration 50.- €


Before opening the Registration form, please pay attention to the following information:
The Registration form starts with the choice of the “Accommodation” category.
Choose the one that fits to you and please, fill-up ONE registration per participant; the second page is the Billing Address form, please, in the “COMPANY” field write Seventh-day Adventists; the third page is the Ticket Data, the Convention Application form.
Fill it according to your status; follow the registration process until you finalise the process and the payment, to be sure to be registered as participant; on the confirmation page, please download the ticket and the invoice and keep them for the Registration process at the Convention;
If you are planning to arrive earlier or leave later, please contact the organisers to check the possibilities and to have additional information.
For those who register as Only Registration and Meals and Only Registration, in the field Room Mate(s) write NO. For those who come by car, in the field Arrival date and time and Departure date and time, write the date of arrival and departure, and put a fictitious time. This is needed for us to provide the badges to have access to the Resort for those that are not lodging in the resort.
Start the Registration through this link: people7.net/registration/


Transportation Services will make your transfer trip to Lignano trouble-free! With reliable airport reservations, you can book your shuttle to and from the airport as soon as you book your airline tickets.

Please take note that the transportation service is not included in the Convention fees.


The programme will involve all the intergenerational groups of our church.

The programme will involve all the intergenerational groups of our church.

The programme includes:

  • Morning: Spiritual moments (devotionals and personal prayer walk, also in nature). Keynotes on essential life issues.
  • Afternoon: Breakouts, a choice among more than 20 topics.
  • Evening: Special programmes.

There will be opportunities for:

  • Recreation and Inspiration.
  • Strengthening your personal spiritual journey.
  • And many more.

A detailed schedule will be provided later.

Breakout Sessions/Workshops

There will be several workshop sessions on Thursday and Friday.

You will have the opportunity to choose from different topics proposed.

Those subjects meet the most common and sensitive issues in life and will give you ideas, insight, and, hopefully, answers to most of your personal life situations and challenges, e.g. health matters, counselling, intergenerational relationships, depressions and burnout, Christian education, social media, gender issues, finance management, special need awareness, abuse and domestic violence, forgiveness and reconciliation, parenting, and more.

Every workshop will be presented by experienced speakers, and will include time for practical activities as well as questions and answers.


Children's Ministries: Regina Fleischmann
Family Ministries: Rebecca Dierolf
Women's Ministries: Sonja Arnold

Speakers and Presenters

Women's Ministries

Heather-Dawn Small

Heather-Dawn Small presently holds the position of director for Women's Ministries at the General Conference of SDA. Heather-Dawn is the wife of Pastor Joseph Small and the mother of a daughter Dalonne and a son Jerard.
Prior to coming to the General Conference in 2001 she held the position of Children's and Women's Ministries Director for the Caribbean Union Conference located on the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago for five years.
Heather-Dawn loves air travel, reading, embroidery, scrapbooking, and stamp collecting and she enjoys ministry to women. As she travels the world she has three passions - to see more women involved in evangelism, to encourage women to be involved in ministry to others – especially young women, and to share the joy that God has given her in spite of life's many challenges. Her favorite word is "JOY" and her favorite saying is "Don't let anyone steal your joy."

Raquel Arrais

Raquel Arrais presently holds the position of Associate Director for Women's Ministries at the General Conference of SDA. Raquel Arrais is the wife of Pastor Jonas Arrais who is the Associate Ministerial Secretary at the General Conference and they have two sons, Tiago and Andre, two daughters' in-law, Paula and Natalia and a grandson, Benjamin. Raquel grew up in a pastoral family and is a third generation Seventh-day Adventist.
Prior to coming to the General Conference Raquel was Women's Ministries and Shepherdess associate director for the South American Division (2000-2003) and Children's Ministries director (2004 – 2005).
For 20 years Raquel worked as an educator and administrator in Brazil. In 1997 she received her master's Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University.
Raquel loves reading, walking, playing the piano, and collecting pictures of women's faces. She enjoys spending time with women, ministering to them, and learning from them. She has a desire to see more women accepting God's call and being involved with the mission of the church.
Her favorite word is courage and her favorite Bible text is Joshua 1:9.

Family Ministries Willie and Elaine Oliver

Willie and Elaine Oliver are directors of the Department of Family Ministries for the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters since June 2010.
An ordained minister, Willie Oliver holds a Ph.D. in Family Sociology; an M.A. in Pastoral Counseling; an M.A. in Sociology; and a BA in Theology. He is an adjunct professor of Family Ministries at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, and of the Adventist University of Africa. Willie Oliver is the former Director of Family Ministries for the North American Division, the Atlantic Union Conference, and the Greater New York Conference. He also served as a lead pastor in New York City.
Elaine Oliver holds an M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling; an M.A. in Counseling Psychology; an M.A. in Higher and Adult Education; and a BS in business management and accounting. Elaine Oliver is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. She is an adjunct professor of Family Ministries at the Adventist University of Africa. Prior to her current position, she served as a university administrator and as a marriage and family consultant for several organizations.
The Olivers have conducted marriage conferences, retreats, relationship seminars, and leadership training conferences around the world. They are founders of From This Day Forward marriage conferences, Journey Toward Intimacy marriage conferences, authors of the Relationship Rx column in Message magazine, the Real Family Talk column in Adventist World Online. They are editors of the annual Family Ministries Planbook, and authors of two books, Real Family Talk: Answers to Questions About Love, Marriage, and Sex, and Hope for Today’s Families—the world missionary book for 2019. The Olivers also produce and host a weekly family strengthening program on the Hope Channel called Real Family Talk with Willie and Elaine Oliver.
Willie and Elaine Oliver have been married for 34 years and are the parents of two young adults -Jessica and Julian. In their spare time, they enjoy taking long walks, beach vacations, gardening, exotic cuisines, and spending time with family and friends.

Karen Holford

Karen Holford is the director of the family ministries department of the Trans-European Division and is committed to growing healthy relationships in families, churches and communities.
Karen Holford loves to help families and children to grow their relationship with God. She has written books, resources, and training materials that teach parents how to nurture their children's spirituality, emotional well-being, and character. Karen lives in the United Kingdom where she works for the Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists as the Family Ministries director. She and her husband have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Gabor Mihalec Gabor Mihalec is a pastor and couple therapist in Hungary. Working with couples he won deep insights into the dynamics of marriage in different life stages. He is convinced, that by knowing the unconscious patterns that control the relationship, one can get the power over the trajectory of the relationship. His goal is to grant this power to the couples. He holds a PhD in pastoral psychology. Together with his wife Dora they have two children (Viktor and Bogi). Children's Ministry Linda Koh

Linda was born and raised in Singapore. Prior to her appointment to the General Conference Children’s Ministries Department, Linda served for nine years as director of Children’s, Family, and Women’s Ministries of the Southern Asia Pacific Division, based in the Philippines. She obtained her Doctor of Education degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling from Andrews University, Michigan, USA, and has 24 years of teaching experience behind her, ranging from elementary to the college level.
She is happily married to Oliver Koh, former Associate Education Director of the Southern Asia Pacific Division. They have two grown sons, Terrence and Marvin, and five grandchildren. She enjoys working with children and people from all walks of life. She has served as a resource person for the Singapore government, giving talks and conducting seminars on child development, parenting, and family life relationships.
She enjoys writing and has co-authored the book, God Loves Me 28 Ways with Charles Mills. She has also contributed numerous articles for several magazines in Singapore, such as Motherhood, Teens, and Families Today. She also writes for the Adventist Review, Adventist World, Elder’s Digest, Vibrant Life, Kids Ministry Ideas, and other church publications.

Others Katia Reinert

Katia Reinert is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Public Health Clinical Nurse Specialist who practices internal medicine in Hyattsville, MD and serves as the Health Ministries director & Recovery Ministries director for the Seventh-day Adventist church in North America. Reinert holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Washington Adventist University, a Master of Science in Nursing from Catholic University of America with focus in public health and the treatment of vulnerable populations, and has her PhD from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She was a NIH/NICHD pre-doctoral research fellow in Interdisciplinary Research On Violence in the Family. Reinert has served in the nursing profession at Washington Adventist Hospital for 15 years as a critical care nurse, occupational health nurse practitioner, Faith Community Nursing coordinator and also as Health Ministry Clinical Supervisor for Adventist HealthCare. She has a special interest in Lifestyle &Preventive Medicine and the wholistic treatment of physical and mental/emotional disorders. She has lectured and published on these topics while also been involved in faith-based partnerships to improve the health of individuals, families and communities. Originally from Brazil, Reinert enjoys bicycling, hiking, traveling and exploring the world's beautiful natural wonders.

Books by This Author

Share Facts with Hope and Positive Choices Health Ministries Resources Focus on a Spirit-Led Revival Our Journey to WholenessRest for the Soul Eliza Spătărelu

 Eliza Spătărelu is wife and mother of three children, two of whom are adults. She holds a bachelor's degree in Theology and one in Pedagogy at Adventus University, a Master in Education Sciences at the University of Montemorelos and a Doctorate in Education Sciences at the University of Bucharest. She served in the Youth Department at the Muntenia Conference and the Romanian Union and in the Women's Ministries Department at the Muntenia Conference. At present, she is lecturer and director of the Department of Theology - Social Assistance - Education Sciences at Adventus University in Romania.

Frauke Gyuroka

Frauke Gyuroka is currently living in Vienna, Austria’s beautiful capital. She holds a degree as a state certified translator for English and Arabic and is working as a self-employed translator mostly for the church. In 2016, she started an M.A. in Islamic Studies at the Adventist Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon.  She enjoys making new friends and is growing in her own faith through this experience. She is married and has two adult children.

Sonja Kalmbach

Sonja grew up in Freudenstadt, Germany, and studied at the University of Tübingen. She has lived in Sweden since 2001, where she has worked as a teacher and editor and now as a pastor. She studied Theology at Newbold College in England. In addition to her pastoral duties Sonja is also Women’s Ministries Director and member of the media bord for the Swedish Union Conference. She has a burning desire to share the Kingdom of God in a language that is understood today. Sonja loves the outdoors and everything creative. If she had to pick two activities it would be knitting and kayaking.

Marjukka Ostrovljanovic

Marjukka grew up in Finland, surrounded by lakes and forests. Her teenage years were rough, and she struggled with drugs, alcohol and anxiety. All of it led her to a point where she had to choose between life and death, and choosing life meant also choosing God. He guided her through years of struggle, rooted her in His Church and led her to study Theology in order to know Him better. During her Theology Studies she discovered a deep passion for the Biblical Hebrew language and the Old Testament Narratives. Translating and studying the Old Testament in Hebrew became her way of learning more about God, His plan and His will. Through this intensive study of the Word grew also the wish to share her journey of discovering the strange, uplifting, encouraging, puzzling and life-changing texts of the Bible. That’s how their Vlog, The Treasure Hunt, came into existence. Currently she is working as a pastor in Bavaria, South Germany.

Marius Munteanu

Marius Munteanu currently works at the Inter-European Division, as Education and Chaplaincy Director. Over the years, he served as local church pastor, chaplain, departmental director, Conference President, Practical Teology teacher and president of Adventus University - Cernica (Romania), and the Romanian Union President. Happily married to Loriana (Language and Literature Teacher), both of them have a 17 years old daughter, Cezara

Roberto Iannò

was born in Sesto S. Giovanni, MI (Italy), raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and baptized when he was 14 years old. He is married with Anna Calà, a kindergarten teacher, and has two sons: Gianluca (27) and Daniele (24).
He is a SDA minister since 1991—ordained in 1998—and a former Italian Union Executive Secretary.
He is the director of the Family Ministries Department as well as the Education Department. Besides, he is an Adjunct Professor at the Italian Adventist University “Villa Aurora”, teaching Christian Education and Theology of Family.
He holds a MA in Education, a MA in Religion and a MA in Family Counseling. He is currently studying at Andrew University for a DMin in Family Ministry.

Fabiana Bertotti

Fabiana Bertotti is a journalist, author of 6 books, mother of little Theodooe and pastor’s wife. In recent years she has dedicated herself to studying human behavior and the relationship with the internet, and she herself has a strong and influential social network where she shares her faith and lifestyle with thousands of followers. Third generation of Adventist family, she studied at Unasp and worked at the Ellen White Research Center, where she learned to deeply research the writings of the prophet and apply them to the Christian modern life. Her hobby is being in family and to read a good book.

Rick Chromey

DR. RICK CHROMEY is the founder and president of MANNA! Educational Services International, a non-profit faith-based organization that creatively inspires and equips leaders, teachers, pastors and parents. Rick is the author of over a dozen books, including Thriving Youth Ministry in Small Churches, Sermons Reimagined and the forthcoming GenTech: An American Story of Technology, Change and Who We Really Are.  He's been a pastor and professor of church ministry for nearly four decades, and enjoys connecting people, collecting experiences and building the Kingdom of God. www.mannasolutions.org

Francesca Mencaroni

Francesca Mencaroni is a cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist. She works at her private practice in Rome and Viterbo, Italy.
She is an Online Trainer at Erickson Study Center in Trento, Italy. She deals with training courses for teachers and parents about the Developmental Psychology and everything that concerns the Emotional Education. She uses to work for European Projects (Eumoschool) about dropout prevention. The main work topics are wellness promotion and general anxiety prevention for children and teenagers, with a particular attention to aggressive behaviour and pathological addiction. She leads the parents of a pressure therapy Support Groups for Pathological Dependencies Service in Civita Castellana (Viterbo).
She worked as an expert tutor at Training School, Psychotherapy Specializing in Cognitive and Behavior Therapy (CBT) in Rome (Scientific Direction: Paolo Meazzini).

Sophia Nicholls

Sophia Nicholls has been involved in the Disability field for over 25 years as a parent of a young man with severe learning disabilities, as a University lecturer and as a Disability Awareness Trainer in faith based and non faith based organisations.
Sophia is a qualified health care profession with a degree in Podiatric Medicine. She also has MSc in Physiology and an MA in Education and Inclusion. Her work as senior lecturer at the University of Reading, Brighton and then as Eternal lecturer has equipped her for her role as an educator in the church and community. She is a co- Founder of the registered user- led charity Adventist Special Needs Association (ASNA).
Sophia is the South England Conference Disability and Diversity Director of the SDA church.

Belinda É. Samari

Belinda É. Samari is a psychologist who specialises in creative modes of expression. She commonly lectures and holds workshops on psychology, creativity, philosophy and biblical studies. She is fascinated by the human being, both practically in terms of what makes us tick, and theoretically, how our deeper parts affect various aspects of our lives.

Women's Ministries Special Days

For each special day you can download prepared materials.
Also available in other languages. Please contact the Women's Ministries Director of your country or send us an e-mail.

First Sabbath in March: International Day of Prayer 2019

"Walking with jesus" BY Cordell liebrandt

Material packet pdf
Material packet word
Sermon Powerpoint


Seminar "Can we Turst God when He Says, "Follow Me!"?

Seminar "Can we Trust God when He Says, "Follow Me"?



Seminar "Discover the Love of your Life" by Heather-Dawn Small

Seminar Booklet
Seminar Powerpoint



Additional Material

ional Material





Also available:
International Day of Prayer Leader's packet
Archives of all past material


2nd Sabbath in June: Women's Ministries Emphasis Day 2019

the call to arise and shine

By Raquel Arrais, associate director of women’s ministries

The Call to Arise and Shine Sermon Packet word

The Call to Arise and Shine Sermon Packet pdf

The Call to Arise and Shine Sermon Powerpoint


Seminar: Build a stroner Spiritual Life (Shining within)




Seminar: Plant a Seed Ministry (Shining out)


Seminar: Reflecting His Light (Shining together)






4th Sabbath in August: enditnow Day 2019

God's Path to Resilience
Religion as a Protector

by Julian Melgosa Associate Director of Education Department, GC

Material Packet

2 - Sermon Powerpoint

1 - Sermon


3 - Seminar Good Thinking



4 - From Trauma to Resilience



5 - Seminar Forgiveness

6 - Seminar Forgiveness Powerpoint

Leadership Certification Seminars

The four-level leadership program has come about because we realize  great need for women to develop skills that will enable them to serve in all areas and on all levels of our church organization.

E.G.White reminds us, "There is a higher purpose for women, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ them in the great work of saving sould from eternal ruin." Evangelism p.465
Developing and cultivating the abilities of women is one task of this department, and one to which we are committed.

The curriculum for this program has been divided into eight subject areas. They are:
1. History and Philosophy
2. Biblical Studies
3. People Skills/Personal Growth
4. Speaking Skills
5. Leadership Skills
6. Writing Skills
7. Nurture Projects
8. Outreach Projects

 More information about the Leadership Certification Program.

See a video about the Leadership Certification Seminars (in German)

Read more

New Flyer in German



Women in Action

2014 was an exciting time for the Adventist Women of the Inter-European Division. It was the year when women from across the Division came together to learn and share about their experiences, joys and challenges in life at the "Women in Action" congress in Schwäbisch, Gmünd, Germany.

The main emphasis of Women’s Ministries is: „Nurture – Empower –Outreach“ which means that in order to reach out to someone, you have to be nurtured and empowered yourself, so you can reach out to nurture and empower others.

That is what the congress was about, how you can continue to grow as a woman in Christ and care for other women in your community.


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What does it Mean to Touch the Hem of His Garment
What does it Mean to Touch the Hem of His Garment
Jun 18, 2019

Women’s Sabbath in Kisdorf, Germany, June 8, 2019

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Former Women's Ministries leader of the Swiss-German Conference (DSV) passes to her rest.
Former Women's Ministries leader of the Swiss-German Conference (DSV) passes to her rest.
Jun 17, 2019

We mourn the passing of our dear friend Christa Hang- Lüdtke 17.04.1945 - 11.06.2019

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