People 7.0 - forward together

Joint Congress for Women’s, Children’s and Family Ministries 2019

The next Women’s Ministries Congress of the EUD will take place from September 18 to 22, 2019, in Ligniano, Italy. It will be a joint convention by Women’s Ministries, Children’s Ministries and Family Ministries. The location is in Lignano Sabbiadoro http://bellaitaliavillage.com/

The congress will be called ‘people 7.0 – forward together’. A logo will soon be available for advertising purposes. Save the date!

Women's Ministries Special Days

For each special day you can download prepared materials.
Also available in other languages. Please contact the Women's Ministries Director of your country or send us an e-mail.

First Sabbath in March: International Day of Prayer 2018


Material packet pdf
Material packet word
Sermon Powerpoint

 Seminar "A Spiritual Woman"
Seminar Script
Seminar Powerpoint
Seminar Handout


"Who am I?" Activities

Activity slides


Partnering in Prayer pdf
Partnering in Prayer word



Also available:
International Day of Prayer Leader's packet


2nd Sabbath in June: Women's Ministries Emphasis Day 2018

Blessed to be a Blessing by dinorah rivera

Blessed to be a Blessing packet word

Blessed to be a Blessing packet pdf

Blessed to be a Blessing Sermon Powerpoint

Eight Blessings to Share Activity


Jars of Fragrance Seminar



Sing to the Lord a new Song Seminar

Sing to the Lord a new Song Handout
Sing to the Lord a new Song Script



4th Sabbath in August: enditnow Day 2018 

Words That Wound: The Trauma of Emotional Abuse, by Dr. Katia G. Reinert, Associate Director of GC Health Ministries


Material packet

Leadership Certification Seminars

The four-level leadership program has come about because we realize  great need for women to develop skills that will enable them to serve in all areas and on all levels of our church organization.

E.G.White reminds us, "There is a higher purpose for women, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ them in the great work of saving sould from eternal ruin." Evangelism p.465
Developing and cultivating the abilities of women is one task of this department, and one to which we are committed.

The curriculum for this program has been divided into eight subject areas. They are:
1. History and Philosophy
2. Biblical Studies
3. People Skills/Personal Growth
4. Speaking Skills
5. Leadership Skills
6. Writing Skills
7. Nurture Projects
8. Outreach Projects

 More information about the Leadership Certification Program.

See a video about the Leadership Certification Seminars (in German)

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New Flyer in German



Women in Action

2014 was an exciting time for the Adventist Women of the Inter-European Division. It was the year when women from across the Division came together to learn and share about their experiences, joys and challenges in life at the "Women in Action" congress in Schwäbisch, Gmünd, Germany.

The main emphasis of Women’s Ministries is: „Nurture – Empower –Outreach“ which means that in order to reach out to someone, you have to be nurtured and empowered yourself, so you can reach out to nurture and empower others.

That is what the congress was about, how you can continue to grow as a woman in Christ and care for other women in your community.


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Letters of Encouragement for Christian Women
Letters of Encouragement for Christian Women
May 25, 2018

Women in Egypt receive letters written at WM day of encounter

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