Women's Ministries Special Days

For each special day you can download prepared materials.
Also available in other languages. Please contact the Women's Ministries Director of your country or send us an e-mail.

First Sabbath in March: International Day of Prayer 2021



written by Danijela Schubert

Material packet pdf

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Sermon Powerpoint








Seminar overcoming obstacles on a life journey

by Danijela Schubert

Seminar  Overcoming Obstacles






Seminar Teach us to pray


Also available:
International Day of Prayer Leader's packet
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2nd Sabbath in June: Women's Ministries Emphasis Day 2020


Christ's amazing love moves me

By Heather-Dawn Small, GC  Women's Ministries Director

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Seminar: The Art of Friendship




Seminar: Jesus our Example








4th Sabbath in August: enditnow Day 2020

when jesus ended it

byAnthony R. Kent, GC Ministerial Association

1 - Material Packet

2 - Sermon Powerpoint


3 - Seminar: The Wounds of Abuse




5 - Booklet - The Dynamics of Domestic Violence



Women's Ministries 25th Anniversary






Women's Ministries 1995-2020




This year Women's Ministries celebrates 25 years as a full department of the Seventh-Day Adventist World church. In order to celebrate this anniversary we will be posting  short information snippets under the title "Did you know?"# WM 25 on social media and on our homepage from June 4 to September 6, 2020.


People 7.0 - forward together

Joint Congress for Women’s, Children’s and Family Ministries 2019

You can watch the presentations of the EUD-Talk speakers on Vimeo:


Official Website people7.net

Facebook: People7.0


Now it’s over, the congress, or really the Inter-Ministries summit of three departments of the Seventh-Day Adventist church in the Inter-European Division in Lignano Sabbadioro, Italy. What a good idea to get all the people involved in Family Ministries, Children’s Ministries and Women’s Ministries together to address topics involved with people and calling the congress People 7.0. Living as Christians reflecting God’s love to all people is a journey that we are all on and where we can use all the help we can get from professionals in various areas. That is what this summit was about. The EUD team picked up the letters of the division’s abbreviation to make up an acronym: E – encourage; U – uplift; D – develop. Each day of the congress addressed one of these areas with short “EUD”-talks brilliantly presented by interesting speakers with professional experience in their respective fields. In the afternoon there was a plethora of workshops to choose from. The evening programs told the real stories of real authentic people. The congress structure may have been surprizing for some, but the organizers should be commended for their courage in taking up new and inspiring ways to pass on the message of living an authentic life, reaching out to our communities and letting out little light shine. Let us take off our masks and be the people we are and let God heal our hurts. Maybe then we can reach others who are scared away by the perfect image that we project when we come to church with our Sabbath masks on our faces.The journey that was started here will not end here. The participants were encouraged to take up the challenge of passing on the inspiration to their homes and local churches and to call an accountability partner in a few days in order to remind them of what, how and when they will do this. It was a privilege to attend this congress and I want to thank the whole Division team for this wonderful experience. But most of all the success of the congress was due to God’s presence and blessing in the whole event. Thanks be to God!

Leadership Certification Seminars

The four-level leadership program has come about because we realize  great need for women to develop skills that will enable them to serve in all areas and on all levels of our church organization.

E.G.White reminds us, "There is a higher purpose for women, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ them in the great work of saving sould from eternal ruin." Evangelism p.465
Developing and cultivating the abilities of women is one task of this department, and one to which we are committed.

The curriculum for this program has been divided into eight subject areas. They are:
1. History and Philosophy
2. Biblical Studies
3. People Skills/Personal Growth
4. Speaking Skills
5. Leadership Skills
6. Writing Skills
7. Nurture Projects
8. Outreach Projects

 More information about the Leadership Certification Program.

See a video about the Leadership Certification Seminars (in German)

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New Flyer in German



Women in Action

2014 was an exciting time for the Adventist Women of the Inter-European Division. It was the year when women from across the Division came together to learn and share about their experiences, joys and challenges in life at the "Women in Action" congress in Schwäbisch, Gmünd, Germany.

The main emphasis of Women’s Ministries is: „Nurture – Empower –Outreach“ which means that in order to reach out to someone, you have to be nurtured and empowered yourself, so you can reach out to nurture and empower others.

That is what the congress was about, how you can continue to grow as a woman in Christ and care for other women in your community.


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Feb 19, 2021

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