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Statement by  General Conference President Ted Wilson on Enditnow


Message from Nancy Wilson on Enditnow


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The global initiative enditnow raises awareness and advocates for the end of violence against wormen and girls around the world. It aims to mobiize Adventists around the world and invites other community groups to join in to resolve this worldwide issue.

What is enditnow Day?

Women's Ministries will be working with Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Children's Ministries, Youth Department, Education Department, and Ministerial Association in preparing materials for the prevention emphasis day. Although it is an uncomfortable subject for many people it has become more and more obvious that abuse is a serious problem for Christians, for Adventists. Abuse in any form deforms the body of Christ—for the victim, for the perpetrator, and for the church that is left with the hurting members.


The Emphasis Day will provide an opportunity for local churches to address this issue to educate church members and leadership, and to let victims know that their church cares.

Women's Ministries directors in the local churches should plan very early so that this day can be a part of the local church planning. Work closely with your pastor, keeping him or her informed.

Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day represents a "step in the right direction," said Karen Flowers, associate director of Family Ministries at the General Conference. Family Ministries has already developed a range of resources on this subject that will be of great value as they become more well used at the local level.

The latest material in English, and some archived material, can be downloaded from the General Conference Women's Ministries Website

Further archived material in English is available here.

New Flyer in German  

Enditnow Brochures:

Brochure 1     About abuse

Brochure 2     Health consequences for women and girls

Brochure 3     Love should not hurt

Brochure 4     Relationships and violence

Brochure 5     Breaking the silence about abuse

Brochure 6     Stop child abuse!





The website ITFACES.ME is an attempt of the Seventh-day  Adventist Church (SDA) to deal with the problem of abuse, which causes wounds, insecurity and disorder in society as well as within the church. It is our goal to coordinate and unite different activities within our region so that people throughout the countries of the Euro-Africa Division (EUD) are able to find help within the framework of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

More specifically, the website seeks to create networks in order to help and provide support for the restoration of both victims and perpetrators of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

It is addressed to:

  • adults who were abused during their childhood or youth,
  • young people who are abused, and
  • any person personally facing abuse/violence or seeking to help someone else who faces abuse.

This web page has a link to different languages, and will be periodically updated.


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